Children’s System of Care

Prevention Plus Substance Use Navigator’s
Gail Smith, MSCC, LPC
Jeannie Kelly, MAC, LAC
5000 Sagemore Drive, Suite 203
Marlton NJ 08053
(609) 261-200

Prevention Plus of Burlington County exists to promote the health, wellness and safety of individuals and families. Prevention Plus provides professional services for the prevention of substance use and related issues through education, collaboration and advocacy. For additional information on: drug and alcohol trends, drop box locations for unused medication, and self-assessment tools visit our website @ www.prevplus.org

A Substance Use Navigator builds inter-system relationships and serves as a resource for system partners and the community at large. The goal is to support seamless access to substance use services for youth ages 13-21, including but not limited to the Children’s System of Care.

Children System of Care:

New Jersey Children’s System of Care offers an array of substance use treatment services, including withdrawal management, outpatient, intensive outpatient, partial care, short-term residential and long-term residential. For questions about or to access substance use treatment services for youth and young adults, call the Perform Care 24-hour toll-free Access line 1-877-652-7624.

For providers and services access http://www.performcarenj.org/youth/resources/alcohol-substance.aspx

Recovery Meetings:

Alcoholics Anonymous: www.aasj.org (856) 486-4444
Celebrate Recovery: www.celebraterecovery.com
Narcotics Anonymous: www.nanj.org (732)-933-0462 or (800) 992-0401
Nar-Anon: www.naranonofnj.org (Support for loved one in recovery)
Parents Anonymous of NJ: (800) 843-5437
Smart Recovery: www.smartrecovery.org/teens (866) 951-5357
The Rap Room: http://raproom.org/brochure/ (856) 983-3328
Young People in Recovery: www.YoungPeopleinRecovery.org

Addiction Recovery Providers:

Carrier Clinic: www.carrierclinic.org (800) 933-3579

Community Treatment Solutions
Functional Family Therapy: Serve Families in Burlington and Ocean County: www.fftllc.com
(856) 222-9009 or (856) 642-9090

Genesis Counseling Centers: www.genesiscenter.org Marlton (856) 596-8007
Camden (856) 964-3955 Collingswood (856) 858-9314
High Focus Centers: www.highfocuscenters.pyramidhealthcarepa.com (877) 700-4943
Jefferson Health: Cherry Hill: www.kennedyhealth.org (856) 488-6789
Legacy Treatment Services: www.legacytreatment.org (877) 652-7624 or (800) 433-7365
Maryville at Post House (withdrawal and residential): www.maryvillenj.org (855) 823-3428
Oaks Integrated Care: www.oaksintcare.org (800) 963-3377
Princeton House: www.princetonhcs.org (856) 779-2300
Recovery Centers of America: www.recoverycentersofamerica.com (800) 732-6837
Robin’s Nest: www.robinsnestinc.org (856) 881-8689

Seabrook House: www.seabrookhouse.org (800) 582-5968
SODAT: www.SODAT.org (888) 792-4383
Solstice: www.solsticecares.com (609) 288-8844

Additional Resources:

CONTACT of Burlington County
24-Hour telephone helpline service (856) 234-8888
Family Support Organization: www.fsoburlco.org (609) 265-8838
Intoxicated Driver Resource Center (IDRC): www.idrclocations.org (609) 265-5857
Interim Managing Entity: Referral Hotline (844) 276-2777. State and county funding for those without insurance or for those who are under insured. Signs of Sobriety (special support for deaf and hard of hearing) (609) 882-7677